Compact Mobilized Storage Consolidates Automotive Parts for Production Machinery

August 19, 2015 sk-gm-ap

Consolidating Automotive Parts in Limited Space

compact motorized storage pallet racks automotive warehouseSince many manufacturers keep their plants at full capacity, there are many advantages to parts consolidation. When Toyota combined its Tacoma and Tundra operations at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing, TX, Inc. (TMMX) plant to do just that, it created a challenge: how to effectively store spare parts and other items in its general storage area, since expansion wasn't an option. The solution, compact mobilized storage warehouse pallet racks that allowed them to consolidate automotive parts for production machinery while avoiding any costly new construction. Click here to watch a video about how compact pallet racks work.

The Compact Mobilized Storage Solution

With expansion not a viable option and with their general storage area already maxed out, the automotive manufacturing plant had to figure out how to store their parts in their already existing 5,000 square feet of storage space.

Southwest Solutions Group® recommended the compact mobilized storage racks to replace their stationary pallet racking system. The compact pallet racks are built with mobilized industrial-grade carriages that automatically move side-to-side on a rail system with the push of a button. The system can even be configured with new or existing pallet racking, shelving, or cabinets; and in this case, the automotive manufacturer was able to use their existing pallet racks to save on costs. Users decide how many carriages to move at a time and only need to open an aisle where it's needed to eliminate unnecessary aisle space, which ended up doubling their storage in the same footprint.

Mobilized Storage Results

At TMMX, the automated compact mobilized storage stores nearly 100% of their spare automotive parts for production machinery that keeps their operations up and running. Anything from tiny gaskets and motors to large pumps and transformers are stored on the racks. The system features four 16-foot-high carriages that ride on rails, each equipped with existing and new pallet racking as well as wire decks. The system offers five separate levels of storage, each of which is matched to the dimensions of stored materials to conserve even more space.

consolidate production machinery automotive parts in compact pallet racking

The wire decks facilitate the use of forklifts to access pallets. Remote controls open the aisles so the forklift operator can select and open an aisle before reaching the storage unit. Otherwise, users simply push a button to open one of the 12-foot-wide aisles of their choice. The mobilized pallet racking is also built in an L shape for easy maneuverability of forklifts.

Thanks to the compact mobilized storage racks, TMMX was able to avoid a facility expansion and take back the space they already had. In fact, they gained 54% more storage capacity in the same footprint, and there's even room for additional storage despite the plant running at peak capacity.

Now every member of the team can quickly locate, access, and deliver items, even with a major increase in the number of additional items stored in the plant as part of the consolidation. And they're still producing 200,000 vehicles per year, just as planned.

Contact Us for Compact Mobilized Storage

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for all types of applications just like TMMX. We will even provide you with a free consultation to determine your exact storage needs and specifications before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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