Automated Mortgage Document Scanning Using Classification with Data Extraction

September 21, 2015 sk-gm-ap

Scanning & Digitizing Mortgage Documents

classification with data extraction for scanning mortgage documents & loansBeing able to efficiently scan and image mortgage documents and loan files is a crucial part of an increasing number of lenders' businesses. Many lenders rely on outsourcing to scan their documents, but must be sure that these outsourced scanners and scanning staff are within regulations and confidentiality agreements while providing the best quality images and data extraction. Automated mortgage document scanning using classification with data extraction is an outsourced solution that will scan your documents quickly, accurately, and within your specified time and budget.

Digitizing your documents improves visibility and security of your information. With digital documents, storing your paper is no longer a hassle and information can be found quickly and easily by authorized users. Even digitizing just a portion of your documents can improve your operational efficiency drastically.

Using Classification & Data Extraction to Automate Mortgage Document Scanning

Maximizing both the velocity and accuracy of captured information is a challenge. Mixed document batches from diverse sources must be scanned, converted into accurate digital data, and delivered with a reliable, relatable data system as quickly as possible to the applications that require this information such as workflow management, document management, ERP, archiving, EMR, and others.

automated mortgage document scanning

To solve this problem, our scanning services use classification with data extraction to offer multi-channel, intelligent document recognition solutions that extract data from documents received from mail, scanners, outsourced providers, email, fax, and more. For example, for mortgage documents, process synergetics will automatically classify each document in a batch and extract data fields and text accordingly. The data is then quickly validated using database and table lookups. This accelerates document preparation, speeds document turnaround, provides more accurate auditable results, and allows for visibility across the entire capture process.

We offer confidential offsite scanning services that are completely CJIS and HIPAA compliant and available on a GSA schedule contract. Your boxed records will be transported via a bonded courier vehicle to our secure scanning facility. Click here to see our entire ten-step document scanning process.

For more questions, check out our document scanning FAQ.

Contact Us for Automated Mortgage Document Scanning

Southwest Solutions Group® provides automated mortgage document scanning services using classification with data extraction. We will even scan, index, and upload a box of your records for free so you can try our services before you buy. For more information or to speak with a document scanning specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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